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Super Sticky Post-it® Notes

For important messages that you need to get across, use custom printed personalized Super Sticky Post-it® Notes from 3M. These Post-it® Notes have a stronger adhesive back that were made for uses where normal Post-it® Notes my not hold, such as vertical surfaces or less tactful material surfaces.

Nobody home? No problem. Post-it® Notes Super Sticky Custom Printed Notes help make sure that your message is always delivered.

Post-it® Notes Super Sticky Notes stick practically anywhere! They are ideal for vertical and hard-to-stick-to surfaces, when you need your message to stay put and get noticed.

We strongly recommend an artwork design with no imprint in the adhesive area. If ink in adhesive area is required, a 25,000 pad minimum applies.

Call Flaire at 866-428-9611 for a quote.

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