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The All-American Fundraiser
Liberty Notes

The All-American Fundraiser gives your organization high profits per unit with no upfront costs! Liberty Notes offers a unique way to raise funds for your organization and show your patriotism.

Product features:
  • Individually wrapped 100 sheet pads
  • Name brand adhesive backed pads
  • Self merchandising packaging available

Liberty Notes come in individually wrapped pads of 100 sheets, so you never receive damaged product.

Say YES! to
High profit (50%)
Strong support staff
Product everyone uses
Fast turnaround
Display boxes available
No upfront cost with pre-sale order
No shelf life
No calories to justify

Retail Price: $3.00 each
Your organization's cost: $1.50 each
Contact Flaire today at (866) 428-9611 and get your group on the way to your fundraising goal tomorrow!


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